Guinness Room

guinnessThe Guinness Room and our Private Dining Room & Games Room are open and ready for your private functions and have a capacity of 80 people. The two rooms can be closed off from the rest of the venue and can have entertainment or music independent of the rest of the bar and restaurant.

The Guinness Room

The Guinness has a full bar, pool table/dancing area, DJ Booth with full sound system, karaoke system, 4 x 50″ LED TV’s and leather couch sitting area. It can be used for private functions or a completely independent bar area during busy nights/events.

Private Dining Room & Games Room

Our private dining room is located downstairs from the Guinness Room. It can be used in conjunction with the Guinness Room for private functions, on it’s own or as extra space during busy nights.

VIP Room

With two pool tables and a capacity of 50, this area can be blocked off for private functions.

To reserve a room

Call 204-727-4343 between 4PM – 10PM, Monday to Saturday, or email us for more information and we will respond as quickly as possible.